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Static Voltage Stabilizer's Working Princible:
The satic voltage stabilizer regulator is the most cost effective solution to protect electrical, electronic, motor, computer and all other loads equipment against temporary and permanent voltage fluctuations in the network.
It is a device that can maintain a constant output voltage (within tolerance limits) regardless of variations in the input voltage, within predefined limits relative to the nominal voltage.
To maintain a constant output voltage, it switches taps on a booster transformer in response to changes in the system voltage. Therefore, it adjusts the transformation ratio to regulate the output voltage.
To achieve this, it is equipped with a microprocessor control board that continuously monitors and controls the grid voltage, adjusting the output voltage to the correct value, thus protecting sensitive equipment and providing them with a stable and correct power supply.
Static Voltage Stabilizer's Advantages:
  1. Static switching by thyristors allowing for voltage sags and surges correction, 10 times faster than servo type stabilizers
  2. The use of a Booster transformer allows for very fast voltage correction, while also avoiding power interruptions during voltage regulation phases.
  3. A very limited need for preventive maintenance as range of static voltage stabilizers includes no moving parts.
  4. Compact size, high reliability: Static voltage stabilizer has compact size due to small size Buck Boost transformer. It is light in weight compared to servo AC Voltage Stabilizer since SVR unit uses Thristor & IGBT, having static circuit (no moving parts), it is more reliable.
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  • Product Weight: 875 KG
Power -kVA 300 kVA
Power - kW 300 kW
Input Voltage Range 380/400 Vac (-25%, +15%)
Input/Output Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Output Voltage 380/400 Vac
Output Voltage Sensitivity ±2%
Correction Speed 500 Vac/Second
Correction Time 20 MilliSeconds
Input Breaker optional
Output Breaker optional
Manual Bypass Yes
Efficiency > 98%
Protections Overload, Low Voltage, High Voltage
Operating Temperature Range 0 - 40 C°
Dimensions WxDxH -mm 800 x 1250 x 1350
Weight- kG 875 kG
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