EXIDE-SPRINTER XP12V1800 - 12V 56.4Ah

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»Maintenance‐free ﴾no topping up﴿ during the whole service life
»High‐Compression Absorbent Glass Mat ﴾AGM﴿ technology
»Design life: »10‐12 Years – Long Life« according to EUROBAT 2015 classification
»Available as standard or flame retardant version ﴾UL 94‐V0﴿
»Designed in accordance with IEC 60896‐21/‐22
»Grid plates with superior lead calcium alloy for excellent corrosion resistance
»Very low gassing due to internal gas recombination  ﴾99% efficiency﴿
»No restrictions for rail, road, sea and air transportation ﴾IATA, DGR clause A67﴿ – trouble‐free transportation operation
»Approval: UL ﴾Underwriters Laboratories﴿
»Manufactured in Europe in our ISO 9001 certified production plants
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Type Of Battery AGM-VRLA
Chemical Lead - Acid
Product Serie Sprinter
Model Name XP12V1800
Number Of Cell 6 Pcs 2V
Nominal Voltage 12V
Float charge 2,27 V/C @ 25 °C
Capacity - 1,8V/C 25°C 56.4Ah
Short circuit current 1558 A ﴾IEC60896‐21/22﴿
Internal resistance 8,1 mΩ ﴾IEC60896‐21/22﴿
Terminal F ‐ M6
Terminal Torque 11 Nm
Container UL 94 HB ﴾Polypropylene﴿
Temperature range ‐40°C to 55°C
Dimensions WxDxH mm 220 x 172 x 235 mm
Weight 21 kg
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