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5 kW Solar Package-Comfortable Usage Package

en_US USD 7,500.00 USD 6,000.00 tr_TR
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5 kW Solar Package-Comfortable Usage Package

en_US USD 7,500.00 USD 6,000.00

Package Included ;

20 Solar Panels 275W 24V Poly

8 Pcs Gel Batteries 200Ah 12V

1 Piece Intelligent Full Sine Intelligent Inverter 6250VA/5000W 48VDC

1 Solar Charge Controller 60A 12V/24V/48V

1 Piece Solar Cable 6mm Red (50 meters)

1 Piece Solar Cable 6mm Black (50 meters)

10 Pieces MC4 Connector Set - Single Connection - 1 Female 1 Male


en_US USD 770.00
Servo type voltage stabilizers uses a servo motor-controlled mechanism to correct the voltages. For heavy loads like motors, elevators, or industrial machines, the servo mechanism is more reliable than a static system. It keeps your products and continues operations while operating a servo voltage stabiliser, Additional components such as MCCB and MCB contribute to this.
Applications of Servo Voltage Stabilizers
The Servo Voltage Stabilizers are widely used in industrial machines, data loads, pharmaceutical production loads, cold storage, air conditioning plants, offset printing machines, textile mills, cement plants, flour mills, oil industries, paper mills, rubber industries, food processing units, oil plants, footwear units,  beverages, clubs, hotels, multi-storied buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, export houses and call centres.
Advantages of Servo Voltage Stabilizers:
»  Protects the life of the equipment from severe voltage fluctuations
»  Provides regulation with overall energy saving (>98 efficiency)
»  No consumables are needed
»  Improvement in quality of manufactured goods
»  Increased production by reducing the manufacturing of defective items
»  Better safety and protection
»  Fewer breakdowns
»  Continuesly manufacturing process
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