Power Electronics Industry and Trade Inc. was established in 1999 and became a powerful brand afterward in Turkey. With the help of our own Research and Development Center, we design, improve, and manufacture our products, and sell them at national and international markets. We continue our developments and increase the variety of our goods day by day.

As Power Electronics; we give critical services to national/international airports at runway lightning and tower communication; to public and special hospitals for operation and scanning rooms; to the stadiums, universities,  Ministery of Defence, State Railways, hydroelectric power plants, and so many other facilities. We differentiate ourselves from our rivals with our perfect post-purchase technical services and full customer satisfaction ratio. We export our products to more than 40 countries, and we increase this number day by day.

As Power Solar Company, which is a subsidiary company of Power Electronics, we invest in renewable energy and make turnkey projects for our customers. With our expert personnel, we give service for all kinds of renewable and sustainable energy projects, particularly for wind and solar energy, from design to product supply, installation, integration, and operating. We both provide a wide variety of products and also execute projects.

Without making any compromise from the quality, as Power Electronics, we move on being a leader brand on clean energy and uninterruptible power systems (UPS) fields. Best wishes...


To become a future-oriented company.


To achieve environment-friendly, safe, sufficient, economic, top-quality, and favorite manufacturing.


♦ To make our company known all around the world.

♦ To earn full customer trust by improving our Total Quality Management System.

♦ To provide continuous customer satisfaction with our product and service quality level.

♦ To follow all the latest developments in our industry and make suitable investments. Also, increase our manufacturing efficiency by aiming continuous development.

Power! Anytime, Anywhere...